Renee Brittell


Urban Dogs And Cats


Helping animals and their people since 1993


I've been working with animals and their people since 1991.

In 1991 I shared a home in the Oakland Hills with friends. On October 20th a tragic fire struck the hillside and burned over 3,000 homes.  The fire injured hundreds, displaced countless and claimed the lives of 25 people. Hundreds of wild life and family pets were lost.  I personally lost my beloved tabby cat “Al”.  It was that horrific experience which set the course of my life. I knew then I wanted to work in animal health care and began my career as a Veterinary Technician.

Shortly after the fire I started my work as a Vet Tech in the east bay before moving to San Francisco in 1994.  I landed a job at Mission Pet Hospital and worked there for 9 years.  My experience at Mission Pet Hospital was immeasurable.  Between learning vast skills for quality nursing and taking a major interest in wellness and recovery, I had a passion for my work.  I built countless relationships with the patients and their owners.  At times the work was very emotionally challenging but also very fulfilling.  The passion and dedication between my colleagues and the doctors was a driving force for me but Illness and death took a toll and I decided to venture out from the hospital and utilize my skills elsewhere.

Since 2008, I have been managing my own business of animal services. My work includes dog walking, in-home pet care and cage-free boarding in my home for all types of animals.  My skills as a vet tech have become an asset to my clients.  I have a skill for recognizing signs of illness and disease.  I’ve cared for numerous senior pets, diabetics, renal failure patients and animals recovering from surgery or rehabilitation.

During my experience as a vet tech, I discovered that prevention in terms of health and education are essential tools when taking on the responsibility and commitment of adopting a pet.  I also see a high importance in knowing basic Life Saving skills which could help your pet in an emergency.  As a certified Pet CPR and First Aid Instructor, I’ve been able to enrich the lives of pet owners and their furry loved ones.

I look forward to helping you with any pet care needs you may have.

Renee B.