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Dog Walking~

Dogs are transported in a well ventilated vehicle.


I focus on positive socialization and safety and will work on basic training skills with your pup.  Group size is limited to 6 or 8 dogs per group.  I keep each dog engaged and stimulated and will always communicate if behaviors develop or I find health concerns that you should be aware of.  I also offer daycare for puppies and adult dogs who require more time out during the day. Daycare runs 4 to 5 hours long and cost is $50 per day.

60 minute outing - Paws at play- $28 depending on dogs size and needs


Cageless boarding in the comfort and safety of my home~

I’ve been boarding dogs safely and successfully since 2008.  I ask that all potential first time boarders have a meet and greet at my house to insure a good fit for all.  I prefer that your pup is comfortable with cats but it’s not mandatory. It is however essential that your pup is dog friendly. Boarding includes lots of TLC, one or two major outings per day depending on dogs actively level and several potty breaks throughout the day. Please bring your dogs food and any medications if needed.  I also recommend bringing along any bedding or favorite toy which might help make your pup feel more at home.

Overnight boarding - $50-60 per night depending on dogs size and needs.

Multi dog household-add $15 per additional dog.

Dog training & Behavioral Assessments $45 per hour, $25 each additional half hour.


In your home Kitty care~

In home visits vary from one to two visits a day depending on your cats needs.


I am proficient and competent in administering oral medications, subcutaneous fluids, insulin and other type of subcutaneous or intramuscular injections.  I will also play or brush kitty if they enjoy such activities.  Being a cat fan my entire life and having had several kitties in my life I have a deep understanding and connection with them.  I understand  their emotional needs and sensitivities.  All visits include feeding, medicating, cleaning cat box and any household cares you may have such as bringing in the newspaper or watering plants. Whatever your kitties needs may be I guarantee top notch care.

Once a day visit - $22

Twice a day visits - $40


Renee Brittell