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Renee Brittell

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My dog Walter loves going on walks with Renee and his pals every day.  He's an older dog with special needs, so I really appreciate her vet tech skills and the extra attention she pays to his health.  It puts my mind at ease to know that he's getting some good exercise and care while I'm at work.  From the photos she sends, the dogs always look like they're having a blast -- whether at the beach, hiking in the woods, or at a park chasing after balls.  I wish I could go with them!

Claudia A.


Renee has been walking our 2 dogs for almost 2 years now.   As our dogs are so important to us, we wanted to find someone that loved them just as much as we do.  Renee has bonded with our dogs and takes fantastic care of them.  In addition to dog walking, she's taken them into her home during extended vacations - up to 2 weeks.  It's great to have the peace of mind that they're in a home with someone rather than a kennel.  The other thing we love about Renee is that it's Renee walking our dogs each day and not different people all the time.


We couldn't be happier with the customer service, commitment and reliability that Renee provides to our family!

Mike R.


Understanding animals and connecting their experiences to current behaviors is what Renee does best.   Her own instincts guide her in training and behavioral assessments of both warm and cold-blooded creatures.  From the wild environment of the hills and mountains to the urban streets in the Mission, Renee finds new and exciting adventures with her furry friends every day.  With a true heart and all of the compassion and unconditional love that animals give all of us, Renee returns with an understanding and medical expertise to keep them healthy, happy and loved.


We can't say enough great things about Renee and how amazing she is with our pets.  Renee cares so much about all of her clients.

Renee watched our special little bunny that recently passed away.  Renee was so sweet to our bunny and truly took time to sit and pet her her when we were out of town.  (Most pet sitters say they're going to pet her and you can tell that they've ignored the bunny the entire time you were gone.)  Recently Renee was watching our bunny when we were out of town and she unfortunately found our bunny in a dire medical condition. Renee went entirely above and beyond - she tracked us down on a ship in Croatia and was liaising with both us and our vet who was based in Novato.  She moved our bunny to her house to give her around the clock care.  It was absolutely miserable being gone during this experience and honestly the only thing that made me feel better is that I knew Renee was doing as much for our bunny as I could.

We can't recommend her enough and it would be our pleasure to talk to anyone about our experience with Renee.

Stephanie C.

"Renee has been our family's dog walker and sitter for over 10 years and she is fantastic!  Unlike many dog walkers, she takes out small packs and makes it safe and fun for every dog.  She gives detailed feedback that has really helped us train and care for our various rescues over the years.  Renee was our excellent vet technician at Mission Pet so when she started dog walking and house sitting we were delighted to hire her. She is medically well trained, smart and calm with animals, fun and totally ethical.  Your animal could not be in better hands!

Maureen M.


Taking my Pet-Tech Petsaver/CPR class with Renee was a pleasant surprise.

I was inspired to hear clear concise answers to my questions, and have many of the assumed responses to emergency situations debunked allowing me to be more effective in situations we all hope not to encounter.

Her experience, supportive personality and expertise shine through the thorough curriculum, and you end up spending the time trying to take in as much of her broad knowledge as you can. It was certainly a totally productive use of my Saturday!


Benjamin Couch

Expedition Dog Walking